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1507 Newton St. NW Washington, DC 20010 (202) 930-7333 24h All cc, cash At Long Distance Movers, we recognize that our customers have a variety of DC moving companies to choose from and that they may be wondering what separates use from the others. Our specialization in long-distance moves, commitment to customer service and superior resources are just some of the elements that distinguish us from other options. The reality is that many other companies can’t guarantee a successful long-distance move, and we are here to provide peace of mind and assurance during what can be a daunting event. Whether you’re moving across the state or across the country, call Long Distance Movers today at 202-930-7333 for a free estimate. When you hire a moving company, whether it’s for a local or long-distance journey, you want and deserve peace of mind and assurance that their vehicles will hold up and that their personnel will be helpful, professional and attentive. At Long Distance Movers, we stringently screen our candidates and meticulously maintain our trucks to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction. The last thing you need is to have an infrastructure breakdown in the middle of a cross-country move. Our friendly and qualified professionals have years of experience organizing long-distance moves and are ready to show you why you should choose us. You don’t have to let economics or affordability get in the way of hiring a quality moving company. Long Distance Movers offers the most competitive rates in the area. Before you ship your items hundreds of miles away, it’s important that you ensure they’re packed and loaded properly. In addition to providing expert long-distance moving services in DC, our professionals will start the process by expertly packing your belongings using our specialized containers and safely loading them onto our trucks. We strive to remove every logistical burden associated with the moving process and this begins with taking care of the packing so you’re free to focus on other things. Get the professional assistance you deserve when making your next move. Call Long Distance Movers today at 202-930-7333 for a free estimate.

Long Distance Movers


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